How To Plan A Minimalistic Wedding

Planning the day where you would say your ‘I Dos’ to your significant other would be a stressful and overwhelming task. Therefore due to this reason many couples do not get to enjoy the planning process or even the reception because they would be too overwhelmed with the details surrounding this day. Thus, due to this reason recently many couples are opting against hosting grand productions as it only results in stressing them out. Instead, a majority of the couples are planning on hosting a minimalistic reception. However, although this may sound like an amazing idea we understand that many couples would not know where to begin planning such an event because they are ordinarily ready for big productions. Therefore as we understand their troubles the following article will proceed to explore some helpful planning tips regarding a minimalistic wedding reception.


Instead of opting for extravagant wedding invites Australia which would be costly as one would be required to pay for both the card and postage one can simply opt to invite their guests online. They can do this by either emailing them or by creating a Facebook event.

Food & Drinks

It is true that since the guests are coming from far and wide to celebrate this special day it is important to ensure that they are well treated and looked after. For many couples, this means serving an extravagant buffet with a variety of dishes. However, what many individuals fail to realize is that many of this food go to waste as no guest would be consuming food like they are at an all you can eat buffet. Instead one should proceed to plan their elegant wedding menus carefully. If one wishes to serve a buffet instead of opting for countless dishes one can simply ensure that there are dishes to meet all the dietary requirements or one can even opt for a sit- down menu as this would be more economically sound. That is because one would be able to serve portions that the guests can consume and could thus ensure that there is less food wastage.


There is no need to overwhelm the event hall with flowers. One can instead opt to strategically place flowers in order to maximize their use. Furthermore, instead of opting for an extravagant bouquet which would end up being too heavy to carry one can instead use a small bouquet.
Minimalistic weddings do not mean being thrifty instead it means opting for a simple celebration with only close friends and family.

The Crazy Times Are The Best Times

There are certain occasions in your life when you feel like you just took on more than you can handle. Because you had to handle so much of details that at times you just kept seeing starts floating in front of your eyes, because you just couldn’t grasp what was going on in front of you. Because there are some people who are born with this natural ability to be able to handle stress in a graceful manner and they don’t mind having responsibility thrown right back at them. They will take it in their stride and go about getting things done in a calm and collected manner. But then there are other who like the idea of a challenge, but it’s only when the going gets tough do they realize that maybe they just took on a little bit more than what they could handle in a sane manner.

And this is when the panic sets in and everything starts to go downhill. One such time in your life can be the planning of the biggest day in your life. Your wedding day. Some people like to hand over the responsibility to a wedding planner, because they like to have a relaxed time leading up to their wedding. They like someone else to have to sweat over all the details and work their heart out to try and make the wedding a perfect one. Because when you hire a wedding planner, it becomes the job of the wedding planner to make sure they execute whatever you ask them to do and turn the ideas that you had in your head about your wedding into a reality. They have the responsibility of everything, from picking out the adelaide wedding reception venues to looking into the catering and the decoration, all of it is their job to get done. And you don’t have to get stressed out over anything. You don’t have to worry about the details at all.

All you have to do is to concentrate on looking your best on the wedding day itself. For some this would seem like the ideal situation to be in, but if you ask the couples who have planned their whole wedding out themselves, who have looked into all the details themselves, from booking the best wedding venues Adelaide to having home decoration and all of that, they would say that the time leading up to the wedding was a memorable one. And that they enjoyed every minute of it, even though they would have had some worrying moments along the way, all of it added to the pricelessness of the time period. Ad this why some of the craziest times in your life can still turn out to be some of the best as well. For more information, please click here.  event-management-venues