How To Make Your Business An Eco-friendly One

Today, going green is the new corporate trend! The main reason behind this is the recognition gained by organization for conducting operations in a manner that will reduce the adverse impact on the environment around them. Various globally approved certifications such as the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification is awarded to organizations that strive to refrain from practices that can harm the environment and conduct their operations in the most sustainable manner possible. If you are planning on making the switch to the greener side as an organization, here are a few points that might interest you.

Refurbished and used appliances

Instead of resorting to brand new equipment when fulfilling your organization’s electronic appliance requirement, opt for used and refurbished ones. Such a policy will help the company make significant savings which can be as high as 50% of the actual cost. Also, for every slightly used desktop or laptop computer that you purchase instead of brand new ones, the carbon footprint of the organization will go down by a substantial proportion.

Efficient waste disposal

Waste management is one of the simplest green initiatives that can be adopted by an organization. The main focus should be to make sure that similar waste types ends up in the same place and they don’t get mixed up. For collecting the paper waste from an office, place a recycling bin near each printer, photocopy machine or shredder so that the maintenance staff can easily dispose them. Always make a large garbage bin available in the premises to contain all the waste materials. A skip bin hire Dandenong service will make a large bin available throughout the office hours, and later come and collect it for disposal.

Recycling practice

Teach your employees the value of recycling for the organization and the environment as a whole. Collaborate with a recycling program in the neighborhood and regularly transport the collected recyclable waste using a reliable mini skip hire service. Electronic components are a key recyclable substance which will bring the carbon footprint of the organization down.

Minimize the emissions

This does not only refer to the emissions that come directly out of the organizational premises but the aggregate of emissions by organizational components such as employees, suppliers and distributers in the process of inbound and outbound transportation which is directly linked to the company. As a solution, encourage your employees to carpool or use public transportation when travelling to and from work. Further, try to minimize the number of vehicles used for the logistics purposes to reduce the aggregate emissions.