Tips On How To Survive The First Few Months After Your Baby Is Born

Being new parents, for the first time or even if you have had kids before, is no easy task. Learning to adjust around your baby and his needs can get a little tricky; and you’ll mostly learn through trial and error. Here are a few tips to help you make less errors…

Prioritize your sleep
You already know that as humans, sleep is vital for us. As babies, it affects our growth, and as adults it affects mental health as well as our immune system. So getting adequate sleep, and quality sleep is highly important. Unfortunately, once your baby arrives and until she creates a sleep pattern of her own, your will be a little sleep deprived. The trick is learning the art of napping, and sleeping when your baby falls asleep. It might be tempting to do your chores while the house is still; but lack of sleep will also affect your productivity. So prioritize your (and your partner’s) sleep for the best of everyone…

Don’t hesitate to use shortcuts
Don’t feel guilty or hesitate to use a few short cuts when you need them. There’s nothing “lazy” about it; you’re just being smart. If cloth nappies tire you out with the constant need to wash them, use disposable one by all means. If you feel your breast milk is insufficient for your baby or that he’ll sleep better with a fuller stomach, feed him formula milk. Ask your doctor for the recommended time to start and brand recommendations for which baby formula to buy. Make a few freezer meals, so that on the days you are particularly tired, you have something at hand to rely on.

Ask for help when you need it
This is particularly vital if you are a mother/parent for the very first time. If asking your mom or a close friend/neighbor to help out once in a while means you get a little sleep, a chance to get out for a few hours or even shower in peace, then don’t ever hesitate to ask help. It’s natural for you to feel overwhelmed. If you feel better about asking for Bottle feeding tips, or suggestions for when you introduce new food to your baby; do so. Likewise, if you feel you are going into postnatal depression, seek out professional help. While it’s true that it’s pretty normal to go through this; if not treated, it could be dangerous for you and your baby.

Learn to work in sync with your partner
This might be something you had to deal with in the beginning of your relationship, or when you first started living together, but you might have to learn this all over again. Give each other a little allowance, as your sleep depravity might shorten your temper. Be supportive of each other and try to spend a little time together as a couple rather than new parents…baby-formula-sale